PS5 gets a new exclusive console game for 2024

2024 is considered to be a year full of uniqueness of various companies

PS5 gets a new exclusive console game for 2024
The PS5 adds a new exclusive to its catalog this year

In-spite of this No game from the great PlayStation Studios saga will be published this yearThe truth is that the PS5 has started 2024 full of exclusivity The Last of Us Part II RemasteredThe return of the award-winning Naughty Dog title which now includes new game modes; hell diver 2Which became one of the first hits of the year; final fantasy vii rebirth, which began the second part of the trilogy in remake format a few weeks ago; one of two rise of roninWhich published its spectacular launch trailer a few days ago.

now it feels like Sony has discontinued console exclusivity of V Rising for PS5, While it is true that this title has been available for PC via Early Access since 2022, when it became a huge success, the game is Early Access is set to end on May 8th to be the full game, However, a version is now in development for PlayStation 5 as a sole console.

we rising a vampire survival game In which its hero wakes up weakened after centuries of suffering. Thus, while hiding from the scorching sun, the player will have to go in search of blood to regain his strength. We will have to do Rebuild a castle and turn humans into loyal servants On a mission to build a vampire empire Making allies or enemies when playing online or aloneChallenging the holy soldiers and battling the war of a world engulfed in conflict.

We Rising is coming to PS5 this year

V Rising already has a listing on the PlayStation Store, although it only details its launch for PS5 this year. However, its early access price on Steam is 19.99 euros It’s possible that it will be priced higher until confirmed as a complete game, After all, this RPG has a lot to offer in a promising proposition, from lush forests, rolling countryside, hostile snowy fields, and dark caverns filled with vital resources.

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