Rain of criticism to Pokémon GO for its latest event

The Hoenn Tour has not left the community happy. Criticism rained down on Pokémon GO after its last event.

The community is not at all happy after the recent events. He Las Vegas Hoenn Tourlast event of Pokémon GOhas unleashed a wave of critics among the community due to lack of organization, saturation of the game and block the best content behind a paywall.

Last Saturday, the problems began. As reported by the official account of Pokémon GO On twitter, more than 17,000 players without tickets joined the in-person event of the Tour de Hoenn. Due to this, the Raids began to fail, causing disconnections that prevented enjoying the event correctly at all levels.

Pokemon GO Withdraw Function

Niantic has announced that it is removing the AR Scan Tasks feature from Pokémon GO only for certain trainers.

Niantic’s response to the problems has been expand the event for 3 more hours, add more encounters and Primal Raids. They also offered a free item pack in the shop that gave out 3 Premium Raid Passes and 3 Remote Raid Passes at no cost.

Even so, the community is not happy and the criticism has not stopped coming to the event of Pokémon GO and to the game in general during the last days. Complaints about glitches in live events, along with the implementation of more measures that require paying with real money to really take advantage of the Augmented Reality game experience are in the crosshairs of Trainers.

At the moment, it is expected that there will be news with the game soon thanks to Pokémon Day that is celebrated at the end of the month. Although nothing is 100% confirmedthere are clues that indicate the announcement of the connection with Pokémon Scarlet and Purple to activate the Pokédex of Paldea, as well as the possible arrival of the Master Ball.

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