RAM says goodbye to its spiciest pickup with this special edition and more than 1,000 horses

The most powerful and extreme version of the RAM 1500 pickup truck receives a new special edition limited to 200 units upon its departure from the market.

RAM says goodbye to its spiciest pickup with this special edition and more than 1,000 horses

pick the most extreme ram So far, we talked about 1500 trx, will say goodbye to the market in 2024 and we will say goodbye to the stratospheric engines of the RAM brand. But before the final greetings, a renowned RAM trainer and expert bids them a proper farewell.

The company is second to none Hennessey Performance EngineeringWho likes to raise the tone of every pickup that passes through his workshop, and when we say that not only its exterior and interior design is modified, but also the chassis and the engine receive a plus in everything.

That’s why, faced with this sad outcome, the customizer launched into the North American market. mammoth 1000 last stand, which functions as the RAM 1500 TRX but stretched to the extreme with interesting new features in the design. store? Only 200 units.


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RAM 1500 Hennessey Mammoth 1000 Last Stand, Goodbye Pickup

The Mammoth 1000 package was released for the model year. Since 2024 is the last call 6.2-litre Hellcat and 5.7-litre HEMI In Ram’s half-ton pickup line, Hennessey decided to send out a V8 with a little more punch.

How does it differ from the first generation Mammoth 1000? In short, some Body decals, Last Stand and Hennessey graphics on the sides of the cargo bed.With three-quarter rear views that refresh the image through black graphics around the taillight cluster.


In addition a huge supercharger and a heavy-duty supercharger belt. What other performance upgrades are included? Hennessy’s gonna forced to work its magic On the engine and transmission control modules, crankshaft damper pin assembly, thermostat, and spark plugs. It is also necessary to mention the crankcase ventilation system.

These improvements lead to the most extreme RAM pickup 1,012 hp And969 pound-feet (1,314 Nm of torque). Without a doubt, a very spicy option. Additionally and not to disappoint, it uses a ZF 8HP 95 automatic torque converter, which is officially rated at 900 Nm or 664 lb-ft of torque. A set that can call itself tire destroyers.

Customers who require greater off-road capability are offered an optional Mammoth Off-Road Package, which adds other features such as front and rear leveling kits. 35 to 37 inch tires On 20-inch wheels, huge front and rear bumpers, LED lights for the front bumper and electric folding steps.


In turn, embroidered headrests and serialized plates for the interior and engine compartment are standard and exclusive. It is worth remembering that each Mammoth raises 1000 Last Stand Dyno and road tested for 500 miles (about 800 kilometers) before delivery.

It will be sad to see the AM 1500 TRX go away, especially when Ford and GM continue to build V8 engines for their pickups Half a ton. However, all is not lost, as the RAM 1500 Model 2025 is not far behind with its inline 6 cylinder. 540 hp storm,

Texas’s most famous preparer did not share any information about its price, but it is estimated to be is over $135,350 Of the previous generation.


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