Ramboot Club and AYM Esports begin to drop in the VCL

The situation of Ramboot Club Y AYM Esports begins to get complicated after adding a new defeat in the third day of the VALORANT Challengers Spain, both clubs still do not know the victory and begin to drop in the table. KPIs Y Rebels Gaming They are still unstoppable and have achieved another victory to continue in the top positions of the table.

KPI does not fail

the boys of KPIs They are at an intractable level and if someone thought that they were going to be the weak link in the competition, they are very wrong. On matchday 3 they returned to get a victory against AYM Esports on the map of Ascent. began KPIs attacking, they started rushing the if you of B where they managed to plant the spike and they took the round thanks to 4k by B1SK. In the second round they attacked the if you from A and thanks to the economy they won the easy round. AYM Esports He answered by breaking the bonus round to close the gap. The offensives of KPIs were being good, on several occasions they rotated from one if you to another catching defenders off guard, ending the first half at 8-4. With the change of roles those of insider they did good retakes and they secured the 13-7 victory, they continue with the good dynamics occupying the second position.

ZETA Gaming does not lose the thread

ZETA add a victory against Ramboot Club who is going through a tough situation. Faces were seen in Ascent where robots started as attackers. ZETA started the duel plugged in taking the first two rounds, but ramboot He was going to answer by placing 4-2 on the scoreboard. They were rounds where the entries they were being very aggressive, they managed to plant the spike and play postplant. The first part was even and ended with a 7-5 in favor of ZETA. With the change of roles, the boys of ZETA They made good offensive rounds. saiz was leading the charge for his team where his usefulness with killjoy I was being key. The entries they were good, even in round 18 they got a flawless. Finally, they closed the match with a 13-10 score.

The hawks take flight

falcons continue with the good dynamics and add a new victory against a difficult rival like Movistar Riders. The riders have not just taken off and do not leave a good feeling. those of nixerino They started strong in defense in Haven with two retakesbut the hawks quickly turned the tables with good deeds in all three sites. those of Guardy They were at an incredible level during their offensive role, they were coming in very comfortable and the postplant they carried out was giving them results. They ended the first half with a rather convincing result of 9-3. The game was very uphill for the riders, but despite that they kept trying. In the second part, the falcons began with a good retake. The riders were going to add two points, but the game would be for falcons with a bulky 13-5.

Team Queso passes over CASE

team cheese begins to get good feelings in the LCVwhile CASE He has not just found his best version. They started those of Neptune in defense in Fracturewith a good start where they managed to stop the offensives in both sites to put an early 3-0. CASE would put the tie on the scoreboard, this would be a perfect summary of the first half and the great equality between the two teams. The rounds followed one another for both sides and this first confrontation ended 6-6. However, in the second half team cheese was at an intractable level and they gave no opportunity to CASE. They had a clear strategy, they carried out the entries quite together except on some occasions that PoPiFresH he ventured alone in the back. A performance that was giving them very good results in both sites. The most prominent of team cheese it was UNFAKE which ended with 21 kills in your personal bookmark. The match ended with a 13-7 for Team Cheese.

Rebels play at a different pace

The rebels they are intractable and have no intention of lowering the level at which they are playing. In the last game of day 3 of the LCV they devastated UCAM with a 13-1. Haven it was the playground of rebels where they were infinitely superior in every aspect. They began with the offensive role with which they practically sentenced the match. In the vast majority of rounds they managed to finish off all the members of UCAM, an aggressive game that was working for them. they planted the spike in all rounds, proof of good entries what they did in both sites. They left the duel sentenced in the first half with an 11-1. They took the first round on the defensive end with a retakeand they put the point and end with a good defense in the if you of A. The most prominent was GatsH with his Astra. The rebels want to continue their good run and stay in first place.

The third day of the LCV leave as leaders rebels followed by KPIs. However, the situation of Ramboot Club Y AYM Esports It begins to be worrying due to the three defeats they have.

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