Ranchuelo, a Cuban doctor found dead in Villa Clara

The lifeless body of a Cuban doctor was found this Sunday under a bridge in the municipality Ranchueloin the province of Villa ClaraAccording to reports on social networks.

The deceased has been identified as Natalie Barrera Leyva, who worked at the Marta Abreu Polyclinic in Santa Clara and His relatives had reported him missing since the morning of 14 January.

Although initial reports indicated that the young woman was murdered, an Internet user identified on the network as “Woody Alguacil Cubano” reported that Later, a family source from Ranchuelo told him that it was an alleged suicide.

However, what happened is under investigation.

Facebook/Woody Cuban Sheriff’s Capture

“From what I saw and read, the girl was a doctor and became ill with her nerves. The previous night he fled his home in the José Martí neighborhood of Santa Clara. The causes of death are not yet known. “Forensic medicine is carrying out the investigation process”said another Internet user in the comments section of the publication.

The young woman’s aunt, Raisa Barrera Reyes, confirmed on her Facebook profile that the young woman “died” and thanked those who searched for her for their help, although she did not reveal the cause of death.

Facebook Capture/Raissa Barrera Reyes

“Please, I request you to let my niece rest in peace.”Barrera Reyes wrote a few hours later, apparently overwhelmed by the number of comments on the network, which mainly pointed to murder as the cause of death, and in general to the fallout of the event on those dates. Where the increase in crime in Cuba had become a daily occurrence. news.

Facebook Capture/Raissa Barrera Reyes

Over the past few hours, dozens of Internet users – some of them former patients of the doctor – They have reacted with dismay and regret at the death of the health professional, whom many have agreed to describe as “noble”, “decent” and a “good girl”. She was the only child.

“The doctor’s funeral will begin this Monday at 9:00 am from the Las Villas funeral home,” Internet user Ricardo Dominguez reiterated via Facebook.

Facebook Capture/Ricardo Dominguez

This new tragedy adds to the unfortunate list of tragic events which they keep in Shock For the Cubans.

As of this closing note, there is no other confirmed data regarding the death of Natalie Barrera Leyva.

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