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Ambassador says Russian Embassy in US did not receive any information about impending terrorist attacks in Moscow

Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov told Russian state news agency RIA Novosti this Sunday that the Russian Embassy in Washington did not receive any notification amid reports of impending terrorist attacks in Moscow.

In early March, the US diplomatic mission warned Americans to “avoid large gatherings” due to reports that “extremists have imminent plans to attack large gatherings in Moscow.”

Earlier this week, Putin rejected those warnings, telling the FSB that the embassy warnings were “provocative” and “gross blackmail.”

“We did not receive any information or messages in advance,” Antonov told RIA.

“We looked into it, but … I had no contact with the White House or the State Department on this matter,” he said.

In light of Friday’s attack in Krokus, Antonov told RIA Novosti that contacts between the United States and the Russian Federation have been “destroyed” in the fight against terrorism, adding that Moscow is not responsible.

He said, “I always remind Americans that our President was the first person who reached out to Americans in 2001 and expressed a willingness to help. And something worked, it worked… and it’s not our fault that It was all destroyed today.” Said.

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