Real Sociedad vs PSG – Champions League

french striker kilian mbappe He left behind a row with Luis Enrique after being substituted in last weekend’s draw monaco In league1 And this Tuesday, he scored a spectacular goal in the Champions League that broke the net.

He psg Arrive in San Sebastian to face Real Sociedad in the second leg of the Round of 16 Champions League However, with a two-goal lead, the Spanish coach did not want to complicate the tie and sent his star on from the start.

Mbappé’s brilliant goal that broke the net

In the first quarter hour of the meeting, Mohd. kylian mbappe He received a pass filtered from the left wing, he entered the Spanish zone, with a double effort he got rid of the defender Igor Zubeldia And he took an impossible shot with his right foot past goalkeeper Alex Ramiro.

The referee immediately received instructions from VAR and it was thought that the goal could be ruled out due to a possible offside by the Paris scorer, however, Whistler was informed that the match could not be restarted because the goal net was powerful. The shot was broken after mbappe,

Real Arena’s net was broken after a brilliant goal by Kylian Mbappé.


immediate staff royal arena He tied the net back to the pole and the action continued.

PSG reached Spain with an important advantage

He psg Luis Enrique lands in Spain to seal pass to UEFA quarter-finals Champions League The side had the advantage of winning the first leg at the Parc des Princes by a score of 2–0.

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in the capital of france psg both advanced on the scoreboard mbappe In the 58th minute; No response from the Royal Society, bradley barcola They took the lead of the second goal with 20 runs remaining.

In royal arenaThe Basque team was forced to concede and only 15 minutes were enough for them kylian mbappe He will score the first for his team and take them to the next round.

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