Regional health manager posed as a patient: she found abusive doctors in Lambayeque who slept during working hours

Health Manager of Lambayeque, jessica antonAudited the medical staff in his area through a unique initiative: he posed as a patient and visited some establishments unexpectedly to diagnose their care.

In an interview broadcast this Wednesday rppObstetrics graduates reported that the inspections were carried out in health centers Toribia Castro and Jose Olaya, as well as at medical points in the districts of Pixie and Pimentel. “We have found that some establishments are closed, lights are off,” he said initially.

“I’ve knocked on the door several times and at some health centers they ask me: ‘Who is this?'” And I tell them, patient, I’m sick, open it for me. ‘What is this? ‘Emergency or urgency?’ The truth is that it is not possible for a patient to do a self-assessment after touching an establishment,” he stressed.

In addition to medical violence, Anton Employees found to be sleeping or eating at “inappropriate hours” will be subjected to the administrative sanction process. The Board also announced that the following visits will be coordinated with personnel from public ministry Imposing criminal sanctions.

In November last year, the Ombudsman’s Office had already requested Lambayeque Regional Health Management To improve hospital treatment and care in response to “complaints about the lack of timely and adequate medical care as well as mistreatment” of patients affiliated with the Comprehensive Health Insurance (SIS).

The organization collected the case of a pregnant woman who was admitted to Las Mercedes Hospital in Chiclayo in emergency condition and who, after evaluation, was transferred to the Regional Hospital of Lambayeque, due to the diagnosis of “missed abortion, twice cesarean section”. was given. and moderate anemia.”

However, when she arrived at this hospital “she was refused care after the doctor determined it was not an emergency, so the patient was eventually moved to a private clinic to receive the necessary care.” Fell,” the report reads.

The second case involved a patient who was urgently admitted to Las Mercedes Hospital due to knee pain, in which surgical intervention and replacement of the catheter through which pain medication is given was recommended. However, he would also have been a victim of abuse and indifference.

In October last year, medical staff at the Huaycachi Health Center (Huancayo) used the establishment’s facilities to hold a ‘Crazy Hour’ party during working hours, a case that was investigated by the Junín Regional Health Directorate. attention of clinic The timing is from 07:00 am to 07:00 pm, but instead of treating the patients, the doctors celebrated from noon.

That same month, a nurse reported that health workers at the Félix Mayorca Soto Hospital (Terma) held a party in the neonatology area, where alcoholic beverages were also distributed. Junín’s regional health director, Gustavo Lanovarsade, also ordered an investigation into the case.

If you have been a victim of poor care or practices at a health facility, you can file a complaint here National Superintendent of Health (Susalud), By clicking here or through social networks, by downloading the SUSALUD CONTIGO app, or by sending an email to

When reporting, your query or complaint must be detailed and specific. Provide the date, place, name, sequence of what happened or any useful information, telephone number and email to contact.

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