Resident Evil 4 characters arrive at Fortnite in new collaboration

The arrival of Resident Evil 2 and 4 hero Leon S. Kennedy in Fortnite should be cause for celebration, but fans were stunned last night when the perfectly coiffed series protagonist turned up half-dressed.

Leon from Fortnite is missing his iconic jacket from the early stages of Resident Evil 4, and indeed every other style option.

Fans have complained that it’s a missed opportunity for Fortnite’s version of Leon, comparing his character model to those of Resi stars Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, who are already available in Fortnite with multiple outfits from their various appearances.

Leon’s accessories include his knife as a pickaxe, which I suppose is fair enough, and his briefcase as a cosmetic, which seems a bit odd but also didn’t have an original explanation in-game.

Claire Redfield is now available to purchase in Fortnite, dressed in her outfit from Resident Evil 2. Again, there are no additional styling options for her either.

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