Respawn wants Apex Legends to last for decades and be the next Counter-Strike

Despite its ups and downs, Apex Legends It is still very current and Respawn Entertainment is very confident in its future. During a recent interview, Evan Nikolich, its design director, stated that one of the goals is for Battle Royale to be active for decades and be remembered by several generations of players.

The creative believes that Apex Legends has the potential to be as big as Counter-Strike and other popular games that are known to people of all ages. His idea is that parents who are gamers will one day teach their children what is Apex Legends and how to play

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Devs want multiple generations to play Apex Legends

Nikolich believes that the time will come when players will decide to spend time in Apex Legends in an almost natural way, since they will consider that the experience is “very pleasant” and that they will be fascinated by its “so colorful and deep history”.

In this sense, the creative thinks that Battle Royale will be a title played by several generations of people and that at some point it will have the relevance of Counter-Strike for the entire gaming community.

“Someday, I want someone to teach their son to play Apex. i played Counter-Strike in college, and that was 20 years ago. And now, people are teaching their children to play Counter-Strike”, affirmed the creative.

Nikolich also exemplified his idea with what happened with dowry and his story with warcraft iii. From his perspective, Apex Legends It has everything you need to transcend time just like these titles.

“That is the vision. That is what we want to get to. It’s the hobby you want to pass down to your kids,” the developer added. Apex Legends It is one of the most popular Battle Royale of the moment, so the creative idea is not something unreasonable.

However, the industry is very changeable and it is difficult to predict what will happen to the current giants, including the Respawn Entertainment title. It is worth remembering that its mobile version failed and will close less than 1 year after its launch.

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