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By: Samuel M | 01-27-23

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is preparing for the launch of its third season, but it does not forget the ‘month of love and friendship‘ (February), so they are preparing some surprises like an unexpected skin for Hanzo.

thanks to an image filtered on social networks, it would be confirmed that the goalkeeper will become ‘Cupid‘ and players will have the opportunity to purchase said outfit at a price of 1,900 credits. Let’s not forget that, for the sequel, a new monetization system was implemented and now the costumes (whether epic or legendary) have a cost with real coin.

It is not yet clear if Hanzo’s new skin was part of a Valentine’s themed event, but curiously, when the first OW still existed, the developers thought of doing something related to the Month of love and friendship; Some sprays were even leaked where we saw the characters in love situations.

Overwatch 2

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Overwatch 2: When does the new season arrive?

Although there is no official confirmation, many expect the third season of the video game to premiere next year. february 7th since Blizzard previously specified that they would be releasing new seasons every nine weeks.

The last thing that was added to the title in relation to content was a mythological event where certain characters had the appearance of ancient gods, as was the case with the junker queen Interpreting Zeus. Last week, Blizzard released a small patch to nerf and buff certain heroes. Among the most notable changes is roadhogthe tank hero, who had his critical hit decreased when he uses his hook, now making it impossible for him to kill with one single hit.

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