Revealed the release date and new details about Valorant’s most anticipated game mode – Valorant

Premier mode will arrive in Valorant in Act 3 of Episode 6.

It seemed like an eternity to us, but that patience is over. Riot Games has made official the premiere of one of the most anticipated novelties by the community of Valorant. Through a video, it has been confirmed that Premier mode will be available from Act 3 of Episode 6. There is no exact day on the calendar because the duration of each of the chapters can vary, although on average they conclude once approximately two months have passed since they began. This leaves us as the approximate day for the premiere on May 3, 2023.

All the details revealed about the new mode that is about to arrive in Valorant

Premier will be a exclusive game mode for teams that will allow us to play games throughout an entire act. We will have to face other groups also made up of five companions and play maps previously designated by Riot Games to try to add victories. If we have won enough, we will qualify for a final tournament in playoff format. The objective, although in the long term, is that this structure of tournaments ends up becoming the path that they will have to take. take all the Valorant players who want to get to play professional tournaments.

Although the details have not yet been revealed, Riot also wants this mode to be interesting for other players as well.. Presumably a ranked system will be included that matches teams with a similar skill level and there is some way to progress with our teammates. However, specific questions about Premier Mode won’t be answered until we’re a little closer to the release date. The company has, for now, a much more imminent appointment with the news due to the launch of Act 2 of Episode 6.

Finally, clarify that Premier mode will be released in the form of an open beta. It is possible that there are some technical problems or that for whatever reason Riot Games decides to disable it in the future. Everything will depend on how well things work and what the support of the community is. Despite this, the Quick Mode of Valorant it was launched under similar circumstances and was never deactivated. In fact, the developers announced just a few weeks ago that would become active indefinitely.

If we win enough games, we can participate in a big tournament at the end of each Act

Valorant receives a highly anticipated new Act

In the next few days, Act 2 of Episode 6 will arrive in Valorant. In addition to the fact that we can already know it as the last one before the arrival of Premier, it should be a very special date for the players. Rumors pointed to the launch of a new agent and from the developer they have carried out a fairly intense promotional campaign on their Twitter account that points to the landing some great news. Of course, we like to think of it as a character. It is something that fits given the behavior of the company and the time that we have not seen a new unit in the video game.

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