‘rework’ and changes in the abilities of Aurelion Sol

We have known for a long time that Riot Games was preparing a complete ‘rework’ of Aurelion Sol’s gameplay in League of Legends (Lol) and finally we officially know the changes to his abilities and the date of his update in February 2023.

We are going to know what it will be like to play with this character after the changes. But first, let’s take a look at the champion update trailer in Latin Spanish, titled ‘Finitud’. In this you can see the new skills in action.

League of Legends: changes in Aurelion Sol’s abilities after the ‘rework’

  • Passive – Cosmic Shaper – Aurelion Sol’s damage abilities grant him stardust It permanently improves your skills.
  • Q – Luminous Breath – Channels towards the cursor for a few seconds, dealing damage to the first enemy hit and reduced splash damage to nearby enemies. Every time an enemy stacks 1 second of channeling, Luminous Breath deals a burst of additional damage. Bursts against champions grant stardust.
    • Luminous Breath deals increased damage to champions and its range increases with Aurelion Sol’s level.
    • Luminous Breath increases burst damage.
  • W: Astral Flight – Aurelion Sol flies over the terrain towards the target location, but reveals himself through the Fog of War to nearby enemies as he flies. Aurelion Sol can cast other abilities while he’s flying. During this time, Luminous Breath has no cooldown or maximum channel duration and deals increased damage.
    • Astral Flight’s remaining cooldown is reduced each time an enemy champion recently damaged by Aurelion Sol dies.
    • He stardust increases the maximum range of Astral Flight.
  • E: Singularity – Summons a black hole for a few seconds that damages enemies and slowly pulls them into the center. uniqueness bestows stardust per second for each enemy in the black hole.
    • The center of the black hole executes enemies below it for a percentage of their maximum health, granting stardust depending on the type of enemy executed.
    • He stardust increases the size of Singularity (including the central area) and the execution threshold.
  • A: Shooting Star – Shooting Star slams a star into the ground, dealing magic damage and stunning enemies hit. Shooting Star grants stardust for each enemy champion hit.
    • stardust increases the size of Shooting Star. Gather 75 of stardust transform Aurelion Sol’s next Shooting Star into Celestial Descent.
  • A: Heavenly Descent – Drags a giant star from the heavens, greatly increasing the size of the impact zone, increasing the damage dealt, and knocking enemies into the air instead of stunning them. A massive shockwave spreads out from the edge of the impact zone, damaging and slowing champions hit.
    • stardust Increases the size of the hit zone.

Aspects (‘skins’)

When does the ‘rework’ of Aurelion Sol come out in League of Legends?

The changes to the abilities or ‘rework’ of Aurelion Sol will come to League of Legends (Lol) with update patch 13.3 on date Wednesday, February 8, 2023.

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