Ricardo Gareca The fans of the Chilean team did not forgive Gareca after his first parole: “A sovereign ridiculousness” game

Ricardo Gareca faces his second experience in charge of the national team. Photo: Rachana LR/La Tercera/Twitter

Ricardo Gareca revealed his first list for the friendly matches that the Chile team will play on a FIFA date in March. Despite expectations of knowing the footballers appearing against Albania and France, the announcement of ‘Tiger’ generated various reactions: a group of fans seriously questioned the exclusion of several references. The main controversy was over scorer Ben Brereton.

The La Roja coach gave his reasons for not considering Sheffield United further in the Premier League, but these were not enough for the southern team’s followers.

Chilean fans against Ricardo Gareca after the announcement of the Chile team

Through social networks, fans of chile team They were against the 24-year-old gunner being left out because he did not speak Spanish fluently.

“Gereca excluded Ben because he doesn’t speak Spanish. I thought the parole was to play football. I already didn’t like it,” “In a country where there are very few players in elite football, “That bastard Ricardo Gareca doesn’t call Ben Brereton who plays in the Premier League because he doesn’t speak Spanish well, I find it extremely ridiculous.” “Mr Ricardo Gareca, for me, the language of football is universal. If that were the case transfers would not exist. Can you imagine if Ronaldinho would have been told at Barcelona: ‘You have to speak Spanish or you won’t play’; end In, say something more about Brereton”, “Gereca’s payroll is worse than Berizo, Lasarte and Rueda”, “Ricardo Gareca does not select Ben Brereton, who is 24 years old and plays in the Premier League, because he does not speak Spanish, but he selects Eduardo Vargas, a 34-year-old retired player who has been irrelevant for years. In the clubs and in the national team.”, There were some comments.

Criticism of Ricardo Gareca on social networks. Photo: LR/Twitter compilation

However, from some quarters, they supported ‘Tigre’s’ first roster and stressed the need to look at new footballers with the 2026 qualifiers in mind.

“Good for Gareca, with the reference always being present, replacement options will be scarce and Medel is a player who determines 70% of your matches”, “A clear example is Real Madrid. It is known that the meringues in the contract “A player bets on speaking Spanish. In an interview Modric and Courtois explain and explain why this happens, which is the same thing that Gereka said in that interview,” “Respect the start of this new process by Ricardo Gareca, he knows what he is doing and he needs to start getting to know the players and make decisions for what is to come. Remember they are friendly matches.” They said.

What did Ricardo Gareca say about Ben Brereton?

When asked about Ben Brereton, Ricardo Gareca stated that his absence was not related to his performance on the field of play; However, he stated that he considered it important that Brereton master the Spanish language.

“This is considering other options, nothing more. These are decisions that anyone takes, but their relevance has nothing to do with them. (…) I would like him to learn Spanish. I think this is important. They have been called for two years and have had enough time to speak Spanish. He is not cultured. Yes, this is something that I told them personally, because I consider communication with my colleagues, with me, with people and journalism essential to be included in the selection. “I would like to see a precedent on their part,” he said.

Ricardo Gareca: Chile team roster

  • Archer: Claudio Bravo, Brian Cortes, Gabriel Arias
  • guard: Guillermo Maripan, Paulo Dias, Igor Lichenovsky, Matias Catalan, Mauricio Isla, Nicolas Fernandez, Gabriel Suazo, Thomas Galdames
  • Frills: Eric Pulgar, Rodrigo Echeverría, Marcelino Núñez, Javier Altamirano, Cesar Pérez, Dario Osorio, Diego Valdes
  • Fronts: Cristian Zavala, Carlos Palacios, Victor Davila, Marcos Bolados, Alexis Sanchez, Eduardo Vargas.

Ricard Gareca called 24 players. Photo: Twitter/La Rosa

When will Ricardo Gareca debut for the Chile team?

Ricardo Gareca will make his debut with the Chile team on the next FIFA dates in March: the southern team will face Albania (22 March) and France (26 March). It should be noted that its official debut will be against Peru in June for the first date of the Copa America 2024.

The Chile team will face two countries that have qualified for Euro 2024. Photo: Twitter/La Rosa.

How long is Gareca’s contract with the Chile team?

Ricardo Gareca signed with the Chile team until the end of the 2026 South American qualifiers. However, like Bicolor, his contract is renewed if he qualifies for the World Cup in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Ricardo Gareca. Photo: La Rosa.

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