Rihanna again becomes victim of body shaming: Angry fans come to her rescue

Rihanna Was back on stage this Friday, March 1st. But private concertThe marriage of the son of India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani did not go as planned. In fact, if the singer’s fans were particularly excited by the idea of ​​seeing their idol take the microphone again, his physical appearance There has been a lot of criticism On social networks.

After welcoming Beyoncé to a private concert, the Indian billionaire this time invoked Rihanna’s talents. The 36-year-old young mother chose for this 90-minute performance a long green dress Paired with pink leggings. A look accessorized with sparkling jewellery.

Rihanna gets support from her fans

But despite her remarkable presence, the international star was heavily criticized and targeted for her performance Sexist and grossophobic comments on the web. “It’s a mediocre performance”, “She’s getting fat! Nobody wants this Rihanna”, “Is she pregnant again?” , Or “This is just the minimum”We can read on x.

Fortunately, the interpreter of don’t stop the music Can count on the support of its fans. Some Internet users did not hesitate to come to his defense. “Hasn’t she had a baby recently?” Give that woman a break, “Two kids in a row.” It takes time for your body to bounce back. She was never a great dancer.”, “She just gave birth less than a year ago and is not that young anymore. Rihanna is around 30, almost 40, her body and energy are different, Anyone with common sense should know this! ,Internet users commented, outraged.

Rihanna has already been criticized for gaining weight after pregnancy

If this new wave of hatred comes after 7 months birth of their second sonRiot Rose Meyers, This is not the first time that Rihanna has been a victim of body shaming.

In May 2022, after giving birth to her first child, the Barbadian artist received several inappropriate comments about her weight gain: “Why doesn’t she take care of herself anymore? , “Rihanna is in no hurry to lose weight , Or “Will Rihanna do? Becoming fat New trend? ,

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