Riot confirms that Premier will officially launch in 2023

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Image Source: Riot Games

We are approaching a historic era in VALORANT. He shooter by Riot Games has grown non-stop for the past two and a half years. And this trend does not seem to be stopping. Quite the opposite. From Riot they want to continue promoting both competitive and casual gaming and the best way to do that is to work on the game itself and the player and fan base.

Months ago, the developer confirmed the launch of a new tournament mode which would come under the name of ‘Premier‘. At the moment they launched an alpha test in Brazil and it seems that the result was a real success. Thus, in view of all that they have achieved, they plan to promote this long-awaited mode and bring it to life definitely throughout this year.

Premier, the new VALORANT mode, will be available in 2023

Through a short video, Riot Games has advanced everything that is to come to the title. And the most striking thing is this mode Premier. It will arrive throughout this 2023 and we will all be able to try it. First they will release a beta that will allow us to solve any error that could end the game and cause a stoppage similar to the one we are experiencing with Clash in League of Legends.

after that the launch will take place internationally and all players will have a chance to enter. As confirmed by Riot Games, this game mode will seek combine the essence of electronic sports and its tournaments with the possibility that any player can live that experience. This of course will seek to increase the number of fans who want to follow the competitive shooter.

There are no confirmed dates yet, although in response to an announcement of this caliber it is likely that it will not be long until we have the opportunity to test it on our devices.

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