Riot Games advances the launch of a new League of Legends champion with an ‘easter egg’ on Summoner’s Rift: Milio will arrive sooner than expected – League of Legends

Milio is the new champion of League of Legends, and his launch will take place sooner than expected. Riot Games has added an easter egg on the PBE in which its presence can already be noticed.

One of the many traditions broken by Riot Games at the beginning of Season 13 of League of Legends It was not releasing a new champion. Zeri, Viego, Sett, and Sylas had made it a custom that the start of the year was always tied to the arrival of a character. However, different development problems altered the developer’s schedule. Now, just over a month later, the first great addition to the squad can already be seen in the Summoner’s Rift. It does so in a particular way through an exclusive ‘easter egg’ from the test server that anticipates an arrival that will take place sooner than expected.

Milio can already be seen in League of Legends

If we select any game mode related to Summoner’s Rift on the PBE and go to the bottom lane, we can find a small ‘easter egg’ that points to the arrival of the champion. In the alcove, that side area through which part of the lane can be surrounded, there have always been two torches. The difference now is that in one of them there is no longer a fire. Instead it appears a kind of Pyro Slime illuminating the area. The figure is practically identical to the one that Riot Games showed in the first preview of this new champion, so there is no doubt that it is trying to reference his arrival at League of Legends.

Of course, the launch will not be imminent. The new champion, whose official name is thousand, still has some way to go. TO this ‘easter egg’ available on PBE has yet to take several steps in the promotional campaign. Unless Riot Games gives us a big surprise, the arrival of this new champion in League of Legends will not take place until next March. The first opportunity, taking into account the promotional cycles in which the developer usually works, would be the March 8, 2023 Patch 13.5. However, and although it is a very predictable company when it comes to dates, the computer attack may have changed the planning or way of acting with respect to the premieres.

The first promotional image of Milio published by Riot Games and his Easter Egg on Summoner’s Rift

Everything we know about Milio, the 163rd League of Legends champion

Although Riot Games hasn’t shown anything else about the new character, they did confirm a few additional details over the past few months. Milio will be a male champion with childish aesthetics and igneous theme. Similar to Annie, but intended for the support position and focused on healing or shielding allies. It comes from the Ixtal region, one of the least explored in League of Legends. Additionally, the company offered several clues that point to the fact that slimes will be an important part of your skill kit or design. Also from the developer itself references were made to a possible rabbit or hare theme.

It must be taken into account that slimes have their own walking animations, indicating the possibility that at some point they may follow the character. Besides, leaks indicated that it could be similar to Scorbunny, a Pokémon introduced in the eighth generation that has a strong soccer theme. It would not be the first time that Riot Games looks at the collectible monster franchise to create a champion since Ahri, who refers to a figure from Korean mythology, shares origin with Ninetales. In this case, yes the influence could become much more marked.

Of Naafiri, who will arrive after Milio, we know even less

After Milio, another character should come to League of Legends. In this case it would be Naafiri, an assassin mid laner of Darkin origin and with the appearance of a monster. About this champion even fewer details are known except that will attack melee and will have a relatively simple skill kit.

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