Riot Games- Prime Gaming: The renewed rewards that will arrive from March 2023

After several months of negotiation, Riot Games and Amazon have reached an agreement to extend their collaboration within Prime Gaming. In this service, your users can claim rewards for freeand in some games practically exclusive, aspects, cards, graffiti or chests to improve your inventory.

For this, they had to renew all capsules of all Riot Games titles, from League of Legends to Runeterra. In addition to this discount, the gaming part of Amazon will sponsor several competitions of this company, expanding the link between both multinationals. Next, we show you what will be the renewed rewards that you will have to unlock over the next few months if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber.

Prime Gaming rewards for various Riot Games titles

  • League of Legends: Starting in March, the Prime Gaming capsule will contain a permanent mystery skin (guaranteed epic), a permanent champion, 350 Riot Pointsa 30-day experience boost, a Mystery Ward skin, two Series 1 Effigy Shards, and 200 Orange Essence.
  • Teamfight Tactics: Starting in April for the first time, Prime members will be able to get content from the industry’s leading auto-battler game every month for one year (12 content drops in total). Each delivery will include an emoticon, an icon, a Little Legend, and a pack of Star Shards.
  • League of Legends: Wild Rift: Starting in March, Prime members will be able to get content for this mobile game every month for a year (12 content installments in total). Such random content will include trinkets, emotes, recalls, skins, and skin poses.
  • Valorant: Starting in March, players will be able to grab exclusive content for Valorant every month for a year (12 content installments in total). Content included will include player cards, weapon charms and graffiti.
  • Legends of Runeterra: Starting in March, Prime members will be able to claim content on a monthly basis. Such content includes level 3 prismatic chests, epic cards and rare cards.

This agreement, as the companies themselves have commented, will be for the next 12 monthsso from March of next year, we will have this conversation and rumors again about what happens with this agreement and if Riot Games and Amazon decide to extend it for another year, bringing exclusive rewards for their users.

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