Riot is clear about its goals for LoL patch 13.2

It’s been a few hours since Season 13 of League of Legends started. However, Riot Games does not want to stop there and is already thinking about the next versions. So much so that Matt Leung-Harrison”Phroxson«, chief designer in League of Legends, confirmed hours ago that they are already considering everything that they are going to implement together with the patch 13.2 of LOL.

Thus, the rioter posted hours ago a little preview of all the elements they are trying to update for the next version. The most important thing is to update once and for all serious injuryalthough there are also other issues such as some satisfaction changes to AD Carries and potential changes to the durability of these champions.

The changes that Riot Games plans for LoL patch 13.2

Phroxzon himself was in charge of giving this advance to the entire community. «We have lived some difficult days for everyone, both for the community and for all of Riot. We on the Summoner’s Rift team continue our commitment to keep improving the game. We will continue to address player concerns in the most timely manner possible.“Phroxzon himself stated in his statement.

After this, the rioter He gave a list of their short-term goals, specifically for that LoL patch 13.2:

  • Changes in serious injuries (40% in the small component).
  • Satisfaction Updates for ADCs of small range (taking into account the situational durability).
  • skill speed and sustain of the fighters.
  • Now the multiple sources of tenacity accumulate properly.
  • Little buff to the technochemical soul and individual dragons.
  • Normal balance changes.

For now, this is all they have offered us. It will be next week when Riot Games presents the LoL 13.2 patch notes, so we will be attentive to any modifications.

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