Riot will buff two champions after updating short heals

Patch 13.3 aims to bring numerous updates that could change the metagame again in several lanes. However, Riot Games also wants to continue working on trends that they updated in the present version. Among them we find the Serious Wounds, which were improved after numerous criticisms of them.

Nevertheless, the only thing that improved from the developer were the components that affect the final objects. This means that the abilities that also apply those Grievous Wounds were left as they were. Among them we find ourselves in front of Varus Y singedtwo champions who stand out for those short heals in their abilities.

Varus and Singed will receive buffs to their short heals

The one who has been in charge of revealing this improvement to us has been August Browning «Riot August«, Lead Champion Designer in League of Legends. The rioter highlighted that by buffing short heal items, they left these two champions whose kit of skills it has a part that is based on applying serious wounds to the rivals.

For this same reason, skills with short heals from both Singed and Varus will now deal 40% instead of 25%. This will equate them to the short heal items themselves, avoiding having to buy a component when their own ability already applies Grievous Wounds to such a level.

We will see how these changes feel to both champions. Although in Varus there were not so many complaints, especially considering that the champion is at a good level, with Singed the thing is not the same. Players have been complaining for a long time that this champion needs some improvement or other since he has been completely forgotten. Today it is the OTPs that use this Singedso a small improvement could expand this audience to new players.

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