Riot will remove in Season 13 the absurd restriction that did not allow you to change languages

Although a few decades ago there were not many options in terms of changing the language in video games, the reality is that nowadays it is increasingly common to see that most video games have numerous options when selecting a preferred language.

In case of League of Legends is very particular, because although Riot Games strove to deliver its free-to-play MOBA in languages ​​corresponding to regions around the world, there was a absurd restriction that did not allow you to change the language once you downloaded the client corresponding to the region in which you wanted to play.

This is going to change very soon, because in a media event within the framework of the premiere of Season 13 of LOL (via loadout) the executive producer of the game, Jermey Lee announced that we will soon be able to switch languages.

“For years they have been asking us for the possibility of playing League in any language, no matter where you are. I’m happy to share that later this year you will be able to select the language from within the League settings. We hope this makes your experience more enjoyable, no matter where you are or what language you speak.”

It is expected that this change will come sometime in Season 13 of League of Legends which starts today. It does not matter if you play in the Latin American region and prefer to put the game in Spanish from Spain or in English; forget about having to download another client or having to change the region to be able to play in another language, because Riot’s MOBA It will now allow you to change the language with a few clicksas it happens in Valorant.

Community uses external tools to bypass LOL restrictions

Despite the fact that the language change will be integrated until this year, there were users who previously already explained how to change the language in the game, thanks to the use of external tools not authorized by Riot Games.

Another feature that players expect is that the possibility of playing League of Legends be offered in ‘offline mode’‘, another of the restrictions that players have bypassed using programs unrelated to Riot’s software.

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