Riot would be working on a major nerf to Killjoy


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Just three days ago we found the official launch of the Patch 6.05 of Valorant, In it we mainly find more than necessary improvements in some skills of Gekko like target selection with [Q] – Wingman; but also Riot applied a good bug fix package on the brand new agent both visual and mechanical, for more information on Patch 6.05 of Valorant we recommend reading the next article.

Despite the fact that this latest update came out a few days ago, the development team has already got to work to start working on what will be Patch 6.06 and, although there is nothing confirmed, in the last few hours it began to emerge that killjoy will be the target of a new nerf, Will they be able to put an end to the supremacy of this Agent?

He nerf Killjoy is Riot’s next target?

The account of Twitter @ValorLeaks was in charge once again of making the community aware of the news that is coming to the famous shooter of Riot Gamesin a recent publication ValueLeaks points out that the balance of killjoy is in process which quickly leads us to think two things. On the one hand, due to the large number of presentations at the recent LOCK//IN in São Paulo, this “balance” It’s about a nerf; while on the other hand a new doubt is implanted: When will said nerf?

There is still no information about the possible arrival of this adjustment in patch 6.06, but going back to the first question, killjoy was one of the main protagonists in the tournament in Brazil. The Sentinel maintained an average of 70% appearances during the LOCK//IN, while in regards to winrate, killjoy remains second with 50.5%, only behind Brimstone (50.6%).

Lastly, it should be noted that this Agent was nerfed recently, in the notes of the patch 6.03 in February, Riot pointed out that killjoy she had become the main ward in the game, but it seems that those changes have not been enough.

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