Rioters reveal what Skarner’s new ult will be like

He rework of skarner It is one of the most anticipated reversals in League of Legends (Lol), the community has spoken at the time and it was the mythical crystal scorpion that was selected for a rework in this 2023. It’s been a while since skarner It had been crying out for a reversal and the rioters assured that this was going to be a great challenge, but it seems that this challenge is proving to be bigger than they imagined.

Today the rioters revealed new details about this rework, such as the change of region and some decisions that have had to be made regarding its appearance. However, moments ago the design and development team of Lol posted a article where they revealed many things about the new Skarner, among them: how is the process of rework and what we all expect, what would the new final of Skarner.

The challenge of this rework

Jacob «Riot Flame» Crouch, LoL designer said: «Looking back at previous reworks, almost all of them had strong resonant themes that could be improved. irelia is a “telekinetic dancer«, Gallium is a “giant anti-magic stone gargoyle” and fiddlesticks it’s a “creepy scarecrow.” The main theme of Skarner, “lonely crystal scorpion”, not very exciting…»

And he pointed out that his first objective was to find a new topic for skarner Or, delve into existing topics to give more emotion to your story and thus get more out of the rework. To do this, they found four failed attempts until they found the twist that promises to be the key in this reversal of the champion. Below we review each of them.


Scorpions are naturally poisonous, so promoting this feature with a skill set to match the new rework it seemed to be by decantation the most indicated. However, having four abilities and a passive that deal damage over time leads to the first question that refuted everything, what is a victim to do after taking such amounts of damage? So he was ruled out.


This kit tells the developers, that although it coincided with the story of Skarner, the game mechanics were quite far from what was the essence of the champion. This was a setsomething explosive with active/inactive phases that would alternate«, but it was also discarded.

The Breckerns

This third attempt to nail down the skill set of the new skarner was related to the Breckern, the species to which this champion belongs. skarner would make use of certain mechanics to use his ultimate in order to capture / recover small Breckerns lost throughout Summoner’s Rift. But this idea had to be discarded because the execution of the mechanics was not the most satisfactory.


The fourth kit that was tested for this rework of skarner it was related to the shell and the ability to change shape. As pointed out crouch, the game mechanics seemed good but this option would bring many problems with development.

The small but important adjustment in the final

The rioters ensure that the final Skarner, [R] – impale it is highly effective, but not as satisfying to use. To change this, they made a small adjustment and it will have a strong impact on the usability of this champion. Now [R] – Impale, Instead of affecting a single target, it will allow you to grab everyone in the impact area, meaning that you could impale the entire opposing team. This will undoubtedly make skarner have a greater impact on games and will allow for better plays.

Finally, they point out that the definitive “new” it will take less time, it will be a little more difficult to use since it will not be point and click, but it will allow skarner become a fundamental piece for the start of the teamfights.

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