Riot’s great failure is not a bad cinematic: jeopardizing the community’s trust in League of Legends is the truly serious thing – League of Legends

The fans of League of Legends we live each beginning of the season as one of the moments most exciting events of the year in terms of videogames. It is the equivalent of the premiere of a new installment of your favorite saga or the arrival of that ‘something’ that you have been waiting for longer than you are willing to admit. An almost zero start, with a restart to the qualifying games and playable news that is more than evident for those who dedicate a good number of hours to it. It is something that, in addition, arrives just when it is needed. Before the beginning of Season 13 (or any of the above) we live a period of ‘preseason’ that lasts almost two months in which there are few incentives to play and many take the opportunity to take a break.

Riot Games nor does she worry about us leaving for a while, since her self-confidence is above everything else. They know that as soon as January rolls around they will have something so big lined up that the temptation to log in and dedicate another year to League of Legends will be irresistible. At least, that’s how it had been since what seems like the beginning of time. However, this year 2023, when the game needed it the most, those responsible for the company have gone from failure to failure. A disastrous start symbolized in a opening cinematic which has only served to reinforce the spokesmen for the apocalypse who ensure that the game is in “maintenance mode”, ceasing to be a priority for the company.

The worst new season of League of Legends

The video, which you can see a little above, is a ‘tour’ through Summoner’s Rift in which some great moments of competitive League of Legends are remembered. A change in tone with respect to previous years that we could understand if it were not for the fact that it is accompanied by a more than notable drop in quality and budget. It’s neither a great set-up nor a particularly novel idea, and whatever Riot Games intended was likely to go unfulfilled. Rather, it is a new cut that also arrives, just a few days after Valorant presented what could be the best cinematic in its history.

In recent times many key company workers have been redeployed to other departments and others have left Riot Games. It is a situation that developers have complained about for the last year, who claimed to be short of resources. A problem that they have tried to solve by hiring new employees. However, they have encountered difficulties when ‘hunting’ talented staff and he who arrives has yet to settle. Without going any further, K’Sante (launched in October 2022) had Jacob Crouch as one of its main developers, who joined the company in August 2021.

K Saint Lol

Although in collaboration with other employees settled in Riot, K’Sante was the first champion of one of the company’s new ‘signings’

The problem is that Riot Games’ initial justifications do not apply when we talk about a start to the season. Not only has it failed when creating a kinematics. There were also mistakes in things as simple as effectively announcing the date League of Legends Season 13 would start. It was done late and wrong, with official accounts from around the world assuring that the launch would take place on January 10 when, in reality, jet lag made that date only true for a tiny fraction of players. In almost the entire planet it would actually be the 11th or 12th of the month. However, this it’s just another symptom of many we have seen lately.

What is truly serious is that we are talking about the most played video game on the planet. League of Legends is a global and permanent phenomenon. A gold mine in just one cosmetic can generate several million euros in sales and it has one of the most dedicated communities out there. Thousands of comments every day on a Reddit subforum that has 6.2 million subscribed users. Players to whom, historically, Riot Games has been able to convey both good and bad news. Because if we get to the bottom of the matter, the reality is that this is a gigantic communication problem. Probably the most serious in the history of a company that, with its pluses and minuses, has always been very good in this area.

All Riot Games’ comments on its internal situation have been limited to press conferences or developer Twitter accounts. It is as if there was fear of assuming that during the management of the video game over the last few years mistakes have been made that have led us to an unfavorable situation from which getting out is not so easy. As if the players were not going to be mature enough to understand that the world is not perfect, when we are talking about a company that has undergone dozens of changes and face the most important expansion process in its history in the middle of a pandemic It is completely acceptable for something to go wrong.

Song Of Nunu

In addition to many internal projects, Riot Games is also collaborating with other studios like Tequila Softworks to expand the League of Legends IP.

It’s not about adding a new game mode tomorrow afternoon or making the best event ever for next week, it’s about establish a clear line of communication on issues that have been troubling the community for years. Hiding that there are problems in the development and management of League of Legends is not only ridiculously obvious, it is also a very dangerous idea for the well-being of the game in the long term. Every player wants to know what’s going on and how it is going to be solved, because in the end our objective collides with that of Riot Games: we want our favorite game to continue being our favorite game.

From the developer they assure, after the controversy, that there are plans bright future and an investment never seen before. We learned at a press conference that the medium-long-term objective is to connect the history of the video game with Arcane (which could release its Season 2 in 2023) so that there are fewer ‘holes’ in the plot.

One of the things that we recognized is that Arcane and League of Legends were somewhat disconnected. We’ve worked to better connect the entertainment vertical of Riot Games and the gaming vertical to create something for the future of players that feels truly connected in terms of lore. We do not want there to be those discrepancies. Stay tuned for what this means to us and what it looks like, though we don’t have anything specific to say right now.”. (Jeremy Lee, Executive Producer of League of Legends – January 2023)

Also that the game modes and events team, which returned to activity last year, is working at full capacity looking for solutions to another of the great criticisms of the community. We know these are honest statements. However, the worst remedy would be to use these solutions that will arrive in the medium term so as not to see the real problem. The truth is that we don’t even need big things, everything that Riot Games must do to make League of Legends players happy again has already been done in the past. Fortunately, they are still on time.

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