Road to Elements League: War Legion Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico ventured into the magical universe of League Of Legends last year with the Red Rooster team. Borinqueños are well known for the electronic disciplines of FGC, which is why debuting in the flagship MOBA of Ray Games was quite a challenge. With a modest team they managed to reach the postseason playing a majestic role.

This year Red Rooster will not participate but will give the Puerto Rican representation to War Legión, a team that has been looking for a place since last year to enter the Elements League.

The legion comes with a slightly young team taking into account two promises that came to light last season; the Colombian jungler Jean Ortega “Jean” and the Costa Rican José Arce “Kobrq”. Added to this the Adc Redsaturn who also comes as a rookie.

With so much young talent, the coaching staff has a great job to do, but the legion was made up of two great talents already approved in the same Elements League; Shinsu and Kuyo. The same as last year have already worked with young heads with good results.

The Legion comes with the weight of continuing the good work that their countrymen did, this team is not a favorite and it looks much more like a team to fight for the middle table and develop talent for future competitions. Will the Legion be able to maintain the good name of Puerto Rico in international instances?

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