Robinho was arrested in Brazil and faces 9 years in prison

Brazilian police arrested the former football player this Thursday Robson de Souza ‘Robinho’ To start in one of their residences on the coast of Sao Paulo Will have to serve a prison sentence of nine years Who was accused of a gang rape in Italy.

Federal police agents arrested the former striker at his home in Santos, the city where he trained as a player, and asked Brazil’s Superior Court of Justice to confirm the sentence imposed on him by an Italian judge and his After ordering entry, he was taken to the police station. , In jail.

According to a statement from the Federal Police, Robinho, 40, will undergo mandatory medical examinations at the Legal Medical Institute and will be sent to the prison system.

officers still He did not say in which prison he would serve his sentence Nine years in prison, which will begin in a closed regime.

The prison order was issued by a federal judge in Sao Paulo state shortly after it was learned that Supreme Court judge Luis Fux had rejected a habeas corpus request submitted by the former Real Madrid, Milan and Manchester City player.

The former football player was convicted in Italy in 2017 of the gang rape of a young Albanian woman in Milan in 2013, but Robinho had been living free in his country until now, as the Brazilian constitution prohibits the extradition of its citizens. .

However, this Wednesday the Superior Court of Justice, the highest court for non-constitutional cases, decided Robinho serves his sentence in Brazil and is ordered to be imprisoned immediately,

During Wednesday’s session, the former Real Madrid football player’s lawyer pointed to alleged violations of due process in Italy and said Brazilian law that allows for the sentencing of foreign nationals after a crime would make those arguments difficult for the investigating judge. Rejected. Francisco Falcao.

The magistrate reported in his vote that the Brazilian judge It is not up to you to review the sentence that has already been pronounced by an Italian court or to initiate a new trial, but only to review whether all the requirements have been met to grant Italy’s request for the athlete to serve his sentence in Brazil.

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