Ronald Ojeda’s family will charge the Maduro regime with his crimes before the International Criminal Court

Ojeda was abducted from his apartment in Santiago on February 21 and nine days later, his body was discovered inside a suitcase buried under a cement slab in a squatter camp.

(from santiago, chile) Juan Carlos ManriquezLawyer for family of late retired Venezuelan Army lieutenant Ronald Ojeda, This Tuesday he will reveal all available information about his crime International Criminal Court (ICC) In The Hague, to examine him Kidnapping and subsequent murder.

This information will be added to the file “Venezuela I” The International Court of Justice finally opened crimes against humanity done by the government Nicolas Maduro Since, at least, there were protests in that country in 2017. Manríquez explained that the data that would be used before the court would be used as a basis for the persecution of dissidents and ultimately Enforced disappearance.

Let’s remember that Ojeda – who escaped from Venezuela’s Remo Verde prison with other dissident soldiers in 2017 – was included in the list of 33 accused last January. “Treason to the country”, The following month, precisely on February 21, it was kidnapped from his apartment in Santiago de Chile by false police officers and nine days later, his dead body found inside suitcase buried beneath a slab of one and a half meter cementIn the illegal “takeover” of Maipú.

In this case, a teen 17-year-old Venezuelan charged alleged member And accomplice in kidnapping. Other two suspects Being requested to be the direct author of plagiarism international occupationSince everything indicates that they have already fled Chile.

The widow and sister of former Venezuelan Lieutenant Ronald Ojeda at his funeral at the Canaan Cemetery in Santiago, Chile, Friday, March 8, 2024.

Manriquez explained since 2018 A preliminary investigation called Venezuela I is open at the International Criminal Court, which has collected a large amount of money. background had to be a part of Venezuelan diasporaboth for political reasons and persecution, and who are the subject of Forced displacement. At the same time, there are those who believe there is a systematic policy of eliminating opponents,” he told X-Ante.

According to the lawyer, “Since that time I have represented some nominal ministers Supreme Court of Justice Venezuelan legal, some of whom were part of the Criminal Chamber of the Venezuelan Supreme Court. Some people came during the persecution chili and he received the reign hospital And I added his case to the Venezuela I investigation.

Due to the characteristics of the case, “in the line that deals with the forced disappearance of persons or, in this case, Acts of murder and disappearance, if it were so; Due to its characteristics, the case of Mr. Ojeda can be added to this line of investigation, and may be another element that allows us to understand how, in an international context, this type of behavior does not occur in any geographical location. Not limited to,” he mentioned.

In relation to the expectations of the case, the Preliminary Chamber authorized the prosecution on 1 March. resume Investigation in Venezuela I, noting that sufficient data was not made available to him (by the Maduro regime) to warrant an investigation Serious and effective. “This decision was confirmed by the Preliminary Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Court, which is why the prosecution is moving forward,” Manriquez said.

Finally, the persecutor pointed out that “those who will ultimately have to answer, if charges are formally drawn up, will be all those in respect of whom direct or indirect guilt or any form of interference by the perpetrators has been established ” international criminal offences. Let us remember that the International Criminal Court does not hold to account states or governments, but rather to individuals in international crimes, leading Atrocity, This is the most serious crime against human rights and humanity,” he concluded, pointing directly to Nicolas Maduro.

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