Rosinés Chávez has been appointed President of INPARKS (Photo + Gazette)


Rosinés Chávez, daughter of the late Hugo Chávez Frías, was installed as President this Wednesday morning, March 13. From National Park Institute (in the parks,

Through social networks, Energy Minister Josue Lorca, popular for ecosocialism, shared photos of the meeting to be held this Wednesday, explaining that “HWe had an emotional meeting with Rosinés Chávez early this morning And with the entire Inparks management team, To formally hand over the presidency of this important institution that ensures the protection and care of Venezuela’s natural spaces and biodiversity, thus providing continuity to a great humanitarian, naturalist, animalistic and eco-socialist management.

The internationalist, who graduated from a prestigious university in Paris, will now be in charge of “the administration and management of national parks and natural monuments.”

Below is the designation gazette:

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