RUMOR: Counter-Strike 2 is in development and will be playable very soon

With thousands of daily players, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive It remains the most popular game on Steam. Despite its impressive success, gamers are beginning to wonder when a sequel will arrive. While what lies ahead for the multiplayer franchise is a mystery, new clues suggest that a new installment is on the way.

Earlier this week, Gabe Follower, a well-known content creator and leaker specializing in Valve’s FPS, discovered that a recent NVIDIA update added new drivers that support 2 unknown applications: csgo2.exe and cs.exe.

Although the previous finding was more than enough to create a wave of speculation on social networks, now the journalist Richard Lewis has published an article in which he points out that, according to anonymous sources, a new installment of Counter-Strike It is under development and very close to launching its first beta.

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Counter-Strike 2 will be announced soon, according to sources

According to alleged sources familiar with the project, Valve is working on a new version of the FPS, tentatively titled as counter strike 2, for quite some time. Richard Lewis noted in his report that a Beta test will take place in late March or early April, which means that the official announcement could be very close if this information is correct.

According to the journalist’s sources, the video game is close to debuting and is the company’s priority. Likewise, it seems that groups of professional players were already able to play in a private test that took place in Seattle.

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Details are scant, of course, but preliminary reports indicate that the said counter strike 2 uses the Source 2 graphics engine, which will allow “improve optimization and graphic fidelity”. Also, there is talk of a renewed matchmaking. “The big priority is to get this out there and then polish it up, fix any bugs and bring it to the level people expect from CS,” the sources said.

Shortly after these reports, content creator Gabe Follower joined the conversation and indicated that he had reliable information suggesting that the new installment in the multiplayer franchise is real and has been in testing since late last year.

As of this writing, this information is not confirmed by Valve. Therefore, we recommend taking it with a grain of salt and waiting until an official announcement appears to avoid disappointment.

But tell us, do you think a new installment is already needed? What news would you like to see? Let us read you in the comments.

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