Rumor: Fortnite will have a mode with two storm circles

Epic Games would be working on a modality that at the end of the battles would deploy a divided storm like in Warzone 2.0.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 is already upon us, where almost 1/3 of the map was fully updated with MEGA city and a cyberpunk-Japanese theme. But after that part of the plans he has in hand began to be revealed Epic Gamessuch as a storm circle division.

according to leaks of the users Lunaks and Loolo Work would be on a modality where at the end of the game the classic storm will be divided into two parts, something similar to what CoD: Warzone 2.0 currently offers. It is unknown if it will only be available under the structure of a Battle Royale match or also with Zero Build parameters.

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Here’s a sneak peek at the new “Endgame Storm Division” roster
Information about the list:
– Still in development
– The storm is very fast
– You will appear with 4 weapons (Photo number 3)
Via: Lunakis & Loolo
Thanks to Bren for letting me know.”

Splitting the circle into two parts would allow for faster matchups in late game Fortnite. Four weapons would be established by default to be used, of which, in one of the leaked images, the following are exposed: Hand cannon, Pump shotgun and the burst assault rifles and semi-automatic sniper.

Let’s also keep in mind battle royale storm damage and weather mods that might affect you later on. With the introduction of Season 2 the number of circles was increased and the storm damage was delayed. The latter would be to extend the middle game between games.

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At the moment there is not much news about the tempest system that Epic is working on for Fortnite. Most likely, and without a release date, it is something that will be implemented later and for obvious reasons would be subject to future changes to offer an adequate experience.

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