Rumor: Steam would have a note system for games

According to leaks, Valve would be working on an addition that would make it easier to record data outside and inside a game.

In certain games it can be tedious to write down essential data or modify parameters by opening additional tabs. This is something that maybe now Steam put an end to it to possibly have an integrated system with a notepad for better monitoring of our objectives.

According to leaks from Valve work is being done on the launch of a notes system that would lighten the use of resources within various games. The novelty was presented by Pavel Djundikprogrammer and creator of SteamDB, the website tied to the platform’s information tracking.

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Although very little is known about the note system, it could have certain uses on Steam. For example, saving the armor types of the Dota 2 heroes, codes for various GTA or The Elder Scrolls that alter the player’s experience or perhaps configurations for some Counter-Strike consoles.

But it seems that this idea has arisen a few years ago in the gaming community. In 2015 the idea of ​​having a notepad that opens as an additional tab was posted on Reddit. Also in 2019, within the platform’s community forums, a user suggested its application with cloud storage and that at the same time would facilitate the gameplay of titles from the dungeons or metroidvania subgenres.

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Meanwhile, Valve doesn’t just seem to be working on adding release notes for Steam games. In recent days, the ball has not stopped spinning about the news of Source 2 for CS:GO that, before April 1, we would have news and a possible playable beta.

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