Rumor: The new Valorant map already has a release date

2023 brings a new map to Valorant and according to the data miner, ValorLeaks would be coming to the game very soon.

With a new year, a lot of news awaits Valorant fans for the start of 2023. One of the big surprises is the arrival of an upcoming map and it seems that it already has a release date.

At the end of 2022, Riot was talking about their plans for this year regarding the gameplay of Valorant. With the change in map rotation, rumors of a new location quickly exploded online. It was not until the designer himself, during the Red Bull Home Ground tournament, confirmed the rumors announcing that it would have a different mechanic.

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On social networks, a teaser was shared showing Fade sending his shadows to a location full of buildings. Although it does not give many details other than an upcoming announcement scheduled for January 5, for many the surprise will be the announcement of the new map.

Nevertheless, ValueLeaks public what will be the complete schedule for the arrival of the new map. According to the popular data miners, the official announcement will be made on August 5 with the first gameplay, while from the 6th it will be available on the test server.

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But it will not be until next January 10, when the new map finally reaches the official servers of Valorant. One of the voice packages from Harbor, the most recent agent, indicates that this area would be located in India and could have a certain similarity to bind.

We will have to wait until January 5th to see if the rumors are true and the new Valorant map is finally announced. This 2023 will undoubtedly bring a lot of content to the Riot Games fps, with the changes to the competitive and the game in general.

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