Salomon Rondon misses a penalty in Venezuela vs Italy: Gianluigi Donnarumma makes a sensational save in a friendly match

The forward could not beat the Italian goalkeeper who had guessed his shot in the friendly match. (Video: Movistar Deportes)

on Thursday 21st March Venezuelan team pair faced Italy In a friendly match played in DRV PNK Stadium Of America. Just three minutes after the start of the match, the South American representative had an unbeatable opportunity to open the scoring, but salomon rondon missed penalty against Gianluigi Donnarumma,

led the european team Luciano SpallettiGot possession of the ball in the first second of the match and tried to come out playing with the ball at ground level, but the pressure ‘red wine’ It was quite effective and caused defensive havoc for the four-time world champion.

Between the Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper and the Atalanta defender, giorgio scalviniThey were constantly making passes low down the field, but Salomon Rondón himself and the midfielder jefferson savarino He chased the ball to try to get it back.

On the basis of not sending long balls, the ball fell at the feet of the left winger. destiny will growbut on the right John Aramburu He guessed it very well and snatched the desired item. With Round at his feet, it took him no more than a second to deliver a pass to the Pachuca striker, who, after trying to control it and take a turn, was illegally brought down by the libero. Alessandro Buongiorno,

Referee named American for FIFA date rubiel vazquez, did not hesitate and immediately approved the maximum fine. The criminal did not claim payment and did not receive any cardboard. own Rondon Jimenez Was in charge of calling the foul and when he received authorization from the referee, he made a short three-step run and took a shot at mid-height to the right of the defended goal. ‘Gizzio’, However, it did not have the desired accuracy and the goalkeeper managed to save the shot, but could not clear the threat from his area.

saverino quintero, who hails from the ranks of Brazil’s Botafogo (Universario’s next opponent in the Copa Libertadores), had a second chance to breach the European goal net, but he was rushed and his shot went wide of the three posts. Thus the action ended with a goal kick and momentary equality on the scoreboard.

Salomon Rondon misses a penalty in Venezuela vs Italy in the United States – Credit: Getty

At 19 minutes in the initial phase, ‘Gladiator’ He once again had a chance to overtake the South Americans at Inter Miami Stadium, but his shot was still not the best. salomon rondon He is the top scorer in Venezuelan team history with 41 goals and wanted to continue increasing his numbers, but did not succeed on this occasion.

The play in question was developed through quick changes in his leadership Fernando Batista, Central Nahuel Ferrarisi He quickly adapted to the left-handed winger miguel navarroWhoever got rid of the ball immediately and started running darwin matchbox With a sensational entry into space. The Cadiz winger did not need to stop, as in the middle of the race he took a left-footed cross into the area, despite being unmarked. giovanni di lorenzowho found the woman all alone ‘Animal’, The former River Plate player connected the ball in a demanding manner and almost falling, so he had no direction on goal.

Venezuela faces Italy in an international friendly match for the FIFA date

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