San Marcos 2024 Entrance Exam Live: Link to today’s test results for the Health Sciences field

Full details of the grades received, as well as the specific position of each participant in the order of merit, will be available at this link. Those who have managed to cross the required threshold to obtain the vacancy will see a special “Accessed Vacancy” badge next to their name.

entrance exam is over

As mentioned, the entrance exam ended at 1 pm. Test results will be available soon.

This is how Door 7 of San Marcos was closed

At exactly 8:30, agents from the San Marcos Central Admissions Office closed the doors of the study house.

They close the doors of San Marcos at exactly 8:30

UNMSM: These are the courses which had less than 10 entrants on both the dates of the entrance examination

In total, there were 17 major subjects, ranging from philosophy to geographical engineering, which were not able to cover the total number of places offered to applicants. Even one of them could barely get entry.

According to the results of the first and second day of the UNMSM entrance examination, 17 majors had less than 10 entrants. – Credit: UNMSM

on the last two dates of Entrance Exam 2024-IIsome features of National University of San Marcos (UNMSM) They registered less than 10 new students due to the minimum 900 points requirement to gain a place. It highlights high competitiveness rigorous academic standards established by the institution, widely known Dean of America,

Entrance exams for health science careers begin

At 10:00 am, the entrance examination for the Health Sciences block, except Human Medicine, began. The time for the test is 3 hours i.e. till 1 pm.

According to the results of the first and second day of the UNMSM entrance examination, 17 majors had less than 10 entrants. – Credit: UNMSM

Motorized police helped the applicant to reach the exam on time

A motorized police officer helps an applicant by escorting him to Door 7 National University of San Marcos, This is 5 minutes before entries close.

Police helps applicant to reach on time for San Marcos exam

What if I am not able to arrive on time for the 2024-II Entrance Exam?

The Entrance Examination Regulations 2024-II establish that an applicant who does not arrive at the indicated time or who does not arrive on the day of the test will not be refunded the money paid for registration.

In the 2024-II admission process, more than 23 thousand students will try to get the vacancy for UNMSM. – Credit: Paula Elizalde/Infobay Peru

San Marcos gates close at 8:30 am

All doors to University City will be closed at 8:30 am, so any applicant arriving after that time will not be allowed entry.

In the 2024-II admission process, more than 23 thousand students will try to get the vacancy for UNMSM. – Credit: Yeni Mello/Infobay Peru

Rector Jerry Ramon explains the security mechanisms of the entrance examination

Rector of National University of San Marcos, jerry ramenGave details of how the University prevents cheating in entrance examinations for graduate degrees. Health-science, He explained that, because these careers are more in demand, “the mafia, with greater intensity, seeks to infiltrate the system.”

“There is a complete control. “Today the Prosecutor’s Office, the Ombudsman’s Office, the Comptroller General of the Republic and the High Technology Police are intervening,” Ramon declared.

Jerry Ramon explains security mechanisms for the San Marcos entrance exam

San Marcos 2024-II Entrance Exam: What things should you not bring to the entrance exam?

Testing days at UNSM facilities begin this Saturday, March 9, and there are several prohibitions that applicants must follow. Know what they are

Know the list of prohibited items to carry during the examinations starting from March 9. Photo creation: Infobae Peru / Agência Andina

only a few days left National University of San Marcos (UNMSM) receives thousands of applicants who will participate in Entrance Exam 2024-II, Along these lines, we will tell you some essential details so that they do not prevent you from entering the campus facilities and you can take this test without any interruption.

What are the gateways for 2024-II entrance exam?

This Saturday, March 16, applicants for testing will be able to enter through one of the 7 doors of Ciudad Universitaria. It is recommended to enter the campus through the access nearest to the faculty where the student will be taking his/her examination.

Gateway for Entrance Exam 2024-II

What is the entry time for 2024-II entrance exam?

The entry timings for applicants to Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos University City are from 6:00 am to 8:30 am. As per the Entrance Examination Regulations 2024-II, after that time, no one will be allowed to enter the campus for any reason.

Entry Regulation 2024-II specifies sanctions for rule breakers. – Credit: Andina

About 8 thousand students have applied for the 2024-II entrance exam this weekend

This Saturday, March 16, approximately 3,858 applicants will attempt to obtain a vacancy in health science careers, excluding human medicine careers. The entrance exam for the said career will be held on Sunday, March 17, in which 4,028 students will participate.

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