Scarlet and Purple have an uncatchable Pokémon

The new Scarlet and Purple Pokémon, Gimmighoul, has an uncatchable form on Nintendo Switch, but on mobile?

After a totally unexpected appearance in Pokémon GO, The Pokémon Company finally confirmed it. Gimmighoul is a new Pokémon from Paldea. which will be available in scarlet and purple. A small creature that has two forms and that, curiously, is impossible to capture in Nintendo Switch games.

This new Pokémon has two forms. On one side is Gimmighoul Chest Form and, on the other, Gimmighoul Walking Form. Although in both cases it is a Ghost type and there doesn’t seem to be a big difference, it turns out that there is no way to capture Paldea’s Walking Forme. On the game’s official website, they explain it:

Apparently, Gimmighoul has a second formknown as walking form, which is not hidden inside a chest. He is small, carries a coin on his back and hides throughout the entire region of Paldea. As he starts running as soon as someone approaches him, there has not been a single Trainer or Trainer who has managed to catch it.

Catch Gimmighoul Impossible Pokemon Scarlet Purple

The Chest Form can be obtained, but the Andante cannot. And what is the method then? Pokémon GO. Taking advantage of the connection that there will be between the two games in 2023, in fact, at the end of January the Paldea Pokédex has been included in the mobile game, the Trainers of the mobile title will be able to capture this form and, somehow, they will have the possibility to send her to Scarlet and Purple.

That’s how it is. you will need play on mobile to be able to capture Gimmighoul Forma Andante, and perhaps to achieve a different evolution. Given the clues that the DLC codename of Pokemon Scarlet and Purpleit is possible that we have some more surprise with the Pokémon number 1000.

Will there be any trick to catch this impossible pokemon in scarlet and purple?


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