Scarlett Johansson missed out on her dream role, and the actress who got it even won an Oscar for her performance



Scarlett Johansson missed out on her dream role, and the actress who got it even won an Oscar for her performance

A failed audition can happen even to the best person. This is also the case of Scarlett Johansson, who did not manage to play a role that was close to her heart, a role that allowed her interpreter to win an Oscar.

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If Scarlett Johansson is best known for her work as an actress, she is also a singer in her spare time. He also released two albums in 2008 and 2009. So it was quite natural that he auditioned for a musical film, but the role passed right under his nose.

Laryngitis at its worst

While director Tom Hooper was looking for actors and actresses for Les Miserables, an adaptation of Victor Hugo’s famous novel of the same name, Scarlett Johansson appeared to be suffering from laryngitis during an audition for the role of Fantine. Despite a certain hurdle in her singing performance, the actress said that she is very happy to try her luck. “I sang with great passion. “I tried it with laryngitis. “I did everything I could to not get sick.” For all we know, she won’t get the role, and Anne Hathaway will be chosen. But Johansson has no complaints, as she later admitted that her colleague’s performance was brilliant:

Watching the film today, I tell myself that I could never have done better than this performance. It was perfect and I think it was somewhat of a destiny. But yes, the audition reminded me of the Les Miserables “casting” for young Cosette (when I was younger) and it was fun to think about it again.

Scarlett Johansson

Three Oscars and mixed reviews

Critics of this new version of Les Misérables have been very mixed, especially in France where many agreed that the film does not respect the essence of Victor Hugo’s novel. “Sad, yes, in the singular.” What we can read exclusively in Telerama’s column.

However, the film was a worldwide box office success, grossing $441,809,770. She was nominated eight times for an Oscar in 2013, and left with 3 awards, including Best Supporting Actress for Anne Hathaway. If you’ve never seen it, know that this film is available for rental on several streaming platforms.

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