Shadow skirmishes in Pokémon GO: Tasks, phases and rewards

These are all the details of the Team GO Rocket Shadow Skirmishes special research in Pokémon GO. Complete all the tasks and stages to earn these rewards.

shadow skirmishes is the name given to one of the many special investigations of Pokémon GO that we can receive in our daily. This mission is directly related to the boss Giovanni del Team GO Rocket and it was included in the game as of February 1, 2023.

Next, in this entry of our tips and tricks guidewe are going to teach you how to unlock and activate this investigation and what are all the phases of tasks and objectives What do you need to do to get your rewards specials.

Requirements to activate the investigation Shadow Skirmishes

During the Season Unique wishes from Pokémon GO the requirement to unlock and activate Shadow Skirmishes special research on your account is as follows:

  • You must have entered the game as of Wednesday, February 1, 2023 Y before Wednesday March 1 of 2023.
  • You must have at least level 8 of Trainer.
  • you have to have already completed previously special investigation A worrisome situation.

If you meet these requirements then you should receive the notification anytime you automatically activate this investigation in your diary so that you can complete it whenever you want.

If for some reason you meet these requirements but the investigation does not appear in your diaryit is probably because you still have to complete any special Team GO Rocket-related research you have going on (such as the one above, titled Ultra Beast Protection). make sure first to finish any previous investigation to be able to start this one that concerns us.

All Shadow Skirmishes tasks and rewards


  • Final Research Reward: Obtain a Super Radar Rocket and capture Dark Registeel by defeating Giovanni.

Then here below you can see all tasks and rewards from the Pokémon GO Shadow Skirmishes special research that becomes available during the Season of Odd Wishes.

This mission is composed of a total of 5 phases:

Phase 1/5

  • Defeat 6 Team GO Rocket Grunts: encounter with Helioptile.
  • Make 3 good curveball pitches in a row: encounter with Helioptile.
  • Get 2 Candies by walking with your partner: encounter with Helioptile.

Phase rewards: 2000 XP, 15 Super Ball and 10 Revive.

phase 2/5

  • Defeat 6 Team GO Rocket Grunts: 10 Hyperpotion.
  • Capture 4 Dark Pokémon: 10 Pok Ball.
  • Purify 2 Dark Pokémon: 10 Pinap Berry.

Stage Rewards: 2000 XP, 15 Super Ball and 1 Radar Rocket.

phase 3/5

  • Defeat Team GO Rocket Leader Arlo: 1500 XP.
  • Defeat Leader Cliff of Team GO Rocket: 1500 XP.
  • Defeat Team GO Rocket Leader Sierra: 1500 XP.

Stage Rewards: 2,500 XP, 1,000 Stardust, and 1 Super Radar Rocket.

phase 4/5

  • Find the Team GO Rocket Boss: 5 Maximum Potion.
  • Team GO Rocket Boss Fight: 20 Ultra Ball.
  • Defeat the Team GO Rocket Boss: 5 Revive Max.

Phase rewards: 3000 XP, 1 Lucky Egg and 2 Golden Razz Berries.

Phase 5/5

  • Collect reward: 2500 XP.
  • Collect reward: 2500 XP.
  • Collect reward: 2500 XP.

Stage Rewards: 5,000 XP, 2,500 Stardust, and 2 Silver Pinap Berries.

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