Shakira has a new boyfriend for 4 months! And it is now known that the singer was assaulted by Piqué’s mother

The Colombian singer seems to have completely forgotten Gerard Pique. Despite the last musical themes, which are true successes, have been entirely dedicated to her ex-husband, and betrayal, the artist has found love again. Shakira has new boyfriend since 4 months!

Shakira traveled to New York with her two children, Milan10 years, and sasha, of 8. The singer took the opportunity to spend some leisure time with her family. Even so, in the same city she watched an ice hockey game by the York Islanders. It was, then, in this game that she found the presenter Carson Daly, with whom he worked years ago, on the program “The Voice”. He as presenter of the format and she in the role of judge, alongside singers Usher and Adam Levine.

After several years without seeing each other, Shakira and Daly took a picture together. The image is generating rumors that there may be something more than a friendship between the two! However, Carson Daly has been married since 2015 to producer Siri Pinter, with whom he has four children.

Piqué belongs to the past

Already according to the website of the Spanish newspaper “OK Diario”, the new owner of the heart of the singer lives in Miami. After the divorce, she also lives in this city, with her two children. The same publication informs that the singer will be in this new relationship for four months. “It looks like the Colombian singer may have found love again, alongside a mystery man she apparently met in Miami. The relationship lasted for four months.said, first, a source to the newspaper.

The news also advances that Shakira’s move to the United States was scheduled for June this year. However, the singer brought it forward to April to get closer to the new love.

Piqué’s mother allegedly attacked Shakira and covered up her son’s betrayal

The story of the end of the 11-year relationship between Shakira and Gerard Piqué still has no end in sight and the former couple’s problems go far beyond the two and betrayal.

It is now known that when the artist discovered the betrayal and learned that the ex-husband’s mother was covering up the relationship, there was a discussion with physical aggression between both. The episode of violence will have happened in front of the couple’s children and not even Piqué could avoid it. It will have been extremely serious, with aggression between the two women.

According to the Mexican magazine Quién, Montserrat Bernabeu, the player’s mother, did not approve of the relationship and encouraged her son to separate, even helping to cover up the former Barcelona player’s betrayal. According to the Spanish columnist Laura Fa, Montserrat knew that the son had a mistress, the current girlfriend, Clara Chía, and made available to the little couple, a family home for the two to meet in secret.

The disagreements between the singer and the ex-mother-in-law are not new. They became evident when a video from 2017 recently went viral on social networks. In the images, Piqué’s mother appears to tell the artist to shut up, looking unfriendly, during an argument and then grabs her face.

Finally, scroll through the image gallery. Shakira has a new boyfriend for 4 months! And it is now known that the singer was assaulted by Piqué’s mother.

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