Shakira is spotted in tears in New York – 03/13/2023

03/13/2023 | 18:10

In recent days, Shakira presented for the first time her new hit, Music Sessions Vol. 53. However, the night before the release, the singer was caught in a moment of fragility.

While walking around New York with her children, Sasha, eight years old, and Milan, ten years old, Shakira was photographed on her way to a restaurant. After dinner, the trio went to a candy store. Inside the store, the singer was seen crying while talking to a fan, according to the international press.

On the Jimmy Fallon show, Shakira commented on the support she has been receiving from her fans after all the controversy regarding her breakup with Piqué.

– When the song was released, I realized that I don’t have fans, I have a sisterhood of women who have been through the same things, who think like me and feel like me. It’s a song to represent and give voice to women.

Speaking of Shakira’s new hit, the singer has a mega special fan. While walking through the audience at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, Adele asked a fan who her favorite singer was. The fan responded that she liked Shakira.

– Oh, I saw her performance on Jimmy Fallon…Wow, her ex-husband is in trouble!, replied the Grammy winner.


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