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Nicole Kidman may be unrecognizable from the director of “Girlfight” and “Jennifer’s Body”: this is in the thriller “Destroyer”, little known but highly recommended for viewing on Prime Video.

Warning: Scenes, comments or images from the movie mentioned in this article may offend the sensitivities of the audience.

In 2003, Nicole Kidman was clearly unrecognizable in the heartbreaking drama The Hours. Almost fifteen years later, the actress achieved a new milestone in the category of extreme physical transformations with the excellent thriller Destroyer, where she is impressive. If you want to see it for yourself, this dark and unsettling film with a surprising story is available on Prime Video service!

dark and melancholy thriller

Released in theaters in 2019, Destroyer stars Nicole Kidman (whom we recommend you see again in an unfairly forgotten film where she stars alongside Tom Cruise) playing an LAPD detective Has been observed. In the past, the latter infiltrated a gang in the California desert, with dramatic consequences. When the gang leader reappears, he must dig into the past to rid himself of his demons.

For this demanding role of a broken but badass woman, nicole kidman There has been a transformation. Dull face, dark circles under the eyes, damaged skin and gray hair: the ultra-glamorous Hollywood actress is unrecognizable here, like Charlize Theron in Monster.

look of nicole kidman In this Destroyer Full of sadness reflects the psychological troubles of her character as a fallen policeman… Director Karyn Kusama and the actress agree on the fact that this neglected aspect allows us to understand the psychological state of Erin Bell: her The face reflects the passage of time and regrets. “Don’t forget the wine.”Kidman specifies. “She decided to harm her body, we see that she wanted to harm herself.”

impressive makeup

“It was important to plan and test the makeup in advance to ensure it looked natural in both time frames.”accurate karyn kusama, “In the flashback scenes, the chief makeup artist bill corso Gave Erin a fresh complexion, lighter freckles and a glow of sorts.”

“For scenes set in the present, he built up layers to give his face an uneven look, and used pigments for sun spots, bags under the eyes, a broken nose, and prosthetics for stains on his teeth. Did.says the filmmaker, who was seen in the 2000 film Girlfight. “Bill Corso created wrinkles on his face using dotted lines that stretch the skin and trace age lines.”

Nicole Kidman recently starred in “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”:


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