She had four children in the American hospital and Bill almost knocked her unconscious

It is popular knowledge that Having a baby costs a lot in the United States To the economy of the family that welcomes them. in this matter As a woman who had four children, Bill represented a real fortune.

In the last months, Hannah Castle became the mother of four children, this event was as touching as it was expensive.Because they had health care bills piling up by the end of last year Childbirth and Pregnancy for US$4,000,000, This situation caused a lot of controversy after it was shared on social networks.

The Columbus, Ohio couple shared what it’s been like via their TikTok profile The process of meeting the expenses of their little ones born prematurely., Furthermore, he sought to make it visible This type of pregnancy involves high costs in the United StatesAs they assure, if they had not received assistance from Ohio Medicaid, this task would have been practically impossible.

The video went viral and garnered comments, with others sharing their experiences, such as the case of this woman who also paid a huge amount: “My son spent 5 weeks in the NICU since he was born. one month later I received an invoice for US$2,500,000,

The sacrifices that parents of four children had to make in the United States

According to ABC NewsHannah Castle says she and her husband Nick have made big changes in their lives Prepare financially for the arrival of your four children, which involved quitting her job to qualify and enroll in Medicaid. It is a joint federal and state program that helps cover medical expenses for some people with limited income and resources. Furthermore, he asked for help from his mother to help the couple with the expenses of the children. According to the above media, delivery costs have increased significantly in recent times.

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