Shiba Inu (SHIB) announces registration launch for ‘Shib Names’ amid huge price hike

Shiba Inu (SHIB) announces registration launch for ‘Shib Names’ amid huge price hike

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Shiba Inu (SHIB) has announced the launch of registration for ‘Shib Names’ amid a significant increase in their price. The news, revealed in the latest issue of Shib Magazine on Wednesday, created excitement among the SHIB community, raising hopes of a potentially significant increase in the price of SHIB to reach the coveted $0.001. The launch of registration for ‘Shib Names’ announced in the magazine gave users an exclusive opportunity to claim their desired names at discounted rates before they were made available to the general public.

This milestone is the result of a partnership announced in December 2023 between SHIB Ecosystem and Shiba Inu top-level domain (TLD) partner, D3 Global. The magazine’s article described ‘Shib Names’ as a “passport to a decentralized world”, stating that these tokens, which have a ‘*’ instead of the traditional dot associated with an Internet domain, are currently used on the web. 3 and work. Expressions of interest for the future.

‘Shib Names’, priced at $10 per year for standard names and higher rates for premium tiers, promises to offer much more than unique names. According to the magazine, they will come with a multichain wallet that will act as a single address on hundreds of EVM-compatible blockchains, simplifying cryptocurrency management. Additionally, as a cross-platform Web3 username, ‘Shib Names’ will allow fluid movement between different DeFi platforms, GameFi, social networks, and other venues.

Additionally, ‘Shibe Names’ will provide decentralized identity capabilities, facilitating the identification of smart contracts, validators, nodes, and DApps, promoting trust and transparency in the decentralized ecosystem.

Meanwhile, registering a ‘Shib name’ has been simplified for both crypto veterans and newcomers. The D3 platform accepts both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, including SHIB, ensuring a hassle-free user registration process.

In that sense, Shiba Inu lead developer Shitoshi Kusama praised the launch of ‘Shiba Names’, comparing it to the importance of the “.com” domain. “Remember .com? Yes, because decades later, it’s still the standard. So, can you imagine if there were a new way to express yourself in Shibe’s new world? *Shib can get there, but only with your help. Will they defend decentralization and a better world?” he tweeted.

The release of ‘Shiba Names’ follows a significant increase in the price of Shiba Inu. After a long period of consolidation, SHIB price (currently $0.0000321) has seen an impressive increase of over 280% in the past week. This surge allowed SHIB to outperform not only other altcoins, such as Solana, Cardano, and Ethereum, but also Bitcoin, which was already experiencing significant growth.

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