Shohei Ohtani conquered: Jose Ramirez curious leader in MLB

Beat shohei ohtani In one section of the game it seems like a dream for any game player. mlb, Everyone recognizes the Japanese as an exceptional player in both boxing and bat. Well, Dominican jose ramirez Of cleveland patron He is one of those people who can claim this.

ramirezIn addition to being the team’s leading hitter, he is one of the best infielders and bombers in the majors. Dominican freezes in 11 years 1327 Hit, 216 Home runs and good batting average .279, Furthermore, it is integrated five times all Star and four more silver sluggers,

Last year, jose ramirez he had a good season again .282 with 24 walks home and 172 Stops, among his numbers, was a statistic he led the way and it speaks volumes about the respect that pitchers feel for this Caribbean slugger.

Jose Ramirez: A respected hitter in MLB and surpassed by Shohei Ohtani

Well, last season, the Caribbean infielder was given 22 intentional bases, one more than the Japanese star. shohei ohtani, Both were absolute leaders in this segment during the last competition. went to third place freddy freeman with less than ten ramirez (12), the Dominicans also continued juan soto (11) and two other Latinos, louis erez And rafael devers (10).

In this sense, if we take the previous list and compare it to the total bases gained during the season (73 BB), José Ramírez also led the percentage of intentional bases. 30%, He is followed by batting leader Arrez, who collected only 35 walks. 28%, Ohtani is the third with the highest percentage (23%) and then Freeman (17%), Devers (16%) and soto (8%,

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