Should you purify Shadow Registeel in Pokémon Go?

Shadow Registeel is one of the rare Legendary Pokemon you can find in Pokemon Go. There is a shadow version because Giovanni has captured them; You can buy it for your collection. You will have to defeat Giovanni and work on a special research mission to earn a Super Rocket Radar to find his location. When you acquire this Pokemon, should you purify Shadow Registeel in Pokemon Go?

Should you keep Registeel Shadow or Purify it in Pokémon Go?

Shadow Pokemon are rare, and Legendary Pokemon are even rarer. Due to the frequency with which a Legendary Shadow Pokémon appears in Pokémon Go, we strongly advise all players to stop attempting to purify this Pokémon. Also, it’s much easier to acquire the standard version of a Legendary Pokemon than the shadow version, especially when you need Super Rocket Radar to find Giovanni. Shadow Registeel appears during the Shadowy Skirmishes special research task.

This may differ from some Pokémon Go players’ perspectives that the shadow version of Registeel is weaker than the normal one. When a Pokémon has a shadow version, it receives an increase in its attack power at the expense of its defense power. Registeel is a highly sought after Legendary due to his solid defense, which disappears when he becomes a shadow version.

However, despite being less desirable, we recommend against purifying the Registeel shade. There’s always a chance that Registeel will learn an exclusive move in the future that could make the shadow version more viable than the normal version due to its higher attack power. We don’t have any concrete proof that this could happen, but just like Rayquaza getting a new move, the same could happen to Registeel, altering its location in the meta. The rarity in which Giovanni will have a Shadow Registeel is much higher than finding the standard in five star raids.


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