Sidney Prescott returns to Scream 7 despite stress

Fans of the horror saga Scream are in turmoil: after a controversy that rocked the production, Neve Campbell will reprise her famous role of Sidney Prescott in the seventh opus of the series. Nearly twenty years after the Wes Craven-directed first film, the actress is making her return, while her costars Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega are jumping ship.

Melissa Barrera, who played the lead role in the previous two films, was dropped from Scream 7 following her public support for the Palestinian people. A production decision that sparked strong reaction and some fans calling for a boycott. Jenna Ortega, for her part, will not be attending due to a scheduling conflict with the filming of a series.

Neve Campbell reprized her role in the first four films and a fifth, released in 2022, alongside Courteney Cox and David Arquette. However, he did not participate in the sixth film, citing inadequate remuneration in relation to his contribution to the franchise. With the departures of Barrera and Ortega, it seems the production has found ways to meet Campbell’s salary expectations.

The announcement comes in a tense context where actors’ political positions impact their careers. Production company Spyglass has clearly stated its zero tolerance policy towards anti-Semitism and incitement to hatred. However, Campbell’s return could be seen as an attempt to appease fans and distract from the scandal.

Kevin Williamson, screenwriter of the original 1996 film, will take over the directing reins for Scream 7. For his part, Neve Campbell expressed his excitement on Instagram, confirming his attachment to the series and his character. Without Campbell, Scream 6 met with worldwide success, which suggests a favorable reception for this new chapter, despite the controversies.

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