Silly Little Change From Valve Drives Counter-Strike Fans Crazy: Everyone Thinks It’s The Definitive Clue On Source 2 – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The Counter-Strike Twitter account changed one of its photos, and that’s all CS:GO players needed.

Counter-Strike is everything we wouldn’t expect from a hit game and we can verify it if we simply pay some attention to how it has evolved in the ten years that have passed since its launch. There are hardly any major updates, balance adjustments come every few months, and new maps take even longer to ship. If, for example, we played the version of League of Legends of 2014, it would seem like a different video game to us. However, I have put exactly 998.2 hours to the Valve title since I started taking it seriously It will be about five years and there have been no major transformations.

Things can be exaggerated even more. Since the beginning of the year, the official Twitter account of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has published a total of 13 tweets. By comparing with Valorant, it is the same amount that Riot Games has published in the last ten days, and that we only counted the company’s profile to follow the news of the video game (which does not include competitions). We can make the comparison on any social network because the result will be the same. However, there is something truly fascinating here. As they say on the internet, CS:GO doesn’t do anything, but “goes over and over it.”

A seed grown by the Counter-Strike community

Just a few hours ago there was a Change in official Counter-Strike: Global Offensive social media profiles. No one knows what it means, but it shows that in Valve They’re not exactly stupid. Pitu, who is one of the great references in the community, expressed it in terms that make the situation quite clear. “This is CS:GO, folks. Some companies spend millions of euros a year on marketing. They change a banner that I could do and everyone loses their mind. We hate them… and we love them. Like the video game itself.”

All this new banner has is the Counter-Strike logo repeated five times. What it means really no one knows. However, the community has gone absolutely nuts. Will each logo represent one of the great games in the saga? Will it be a countdown because there are five days left until something happens? The reality is that everything is a matter of speculation. However, this parallel social media game is one that everyone is eager to play..

This is the new banner in the CS:GO account

The atmosphere in the community is festive and practically nothing else is talked about. We’ve read all kinds of theories. The most surreal says that the third figure of the new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive banner has a shadow on the footwhich means that the game will be released during this month of March since it is the third month or that it will be released on April 3, 2023. The trademarks of Valve o Closely followed the data from the Steam databases with all the changes that the developers make.

This time Counter-Strike’s big update to Source 2 seems inevitable and the reactions are up to the task. This gasoline in the form of pure hype has even made the video game reach the best numbers of simultaneous players in its history. It’s something absolutely incredible, because all the other video games taught us that this was not the way. However, the triumph of CS:GO is as atypical as it is indisputable. After all, we’re talking about him here because of a banner change on Twitter that might as well have meant nothing.

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