Six Karma beat Rainbow 7 and is the first finalist of the LLA

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6K will seek to be the winner of the Opening Tournament and secure its participation in the MSI.Riot Press

Six Karma is the first finalist of the Latin American League of Legends (LLA) having bowed for 3-2 to Rainbow 7who must now play against the winner of INFINITY and Estral Esports to determine the last team that will be in Chile.

Six Karma reached this stage after being in the 4th seed of the regular season and beating Estral 3-1. For its part, Rainbow 7 had finished in 3rd place and was able to win the match against Isurus 3-2.

In the first game, 6K had Meaning and Snaker as the players who dominated the teamfights and after 39 minutes, they made it 1-0 on the scoreboard.

The second game was a monologue by Six Karma, after coming back from a bad start. Lined up behind their trio of Latino players (cody, Snaker and Shu Hari), they made it 2-0 without a hitch.

In the third, R7 showed extraordinary mental strength and ended up having quite a messy game to discount. Without a doubt, Mireu was the best player with his Aurelion Sol that finished 10/2/10.

The fourth game was heart-stopping, with a rainbow squad dominating. Again behind an impeccable Mireu and a Ceo who broke it, they put the tie at two and forced the fifth game.

In Game 5, 6K showed incredible resilience and pulled off a heart-stopping game that made it 3-2. Cody made his best game when it mattered most and his team will fight for the LLA trophy.

In this way, Six Karma secured a place in the LLA final on April 14 at Gamergy in Chile. Meanwhile, Rainbow 7 has a second chance and waits for the winner of INFINITY vs. Estral Esports to find out who will be the second finalist.

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