Six secrets to position a website in the Google search engine

Millions of web pages compete every day to be positioned in the first results of search engines. In this note, Eleven Agency, specialized in SEO, shares some key tips to optimize websites.

24 January 2023 17:32

They say the best place to hide something is on the second page of Google. This phrase describes a reality: 75% of people never get past the first page in search engines, according to the latest report from hubspot. Luckily, there is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a marketing discipline to position web pages in the first results and, in this way, obtain greater visibility and traffic optimization.

Whether you have a personal brand, an e-commerce or work in a company, it is always advisable to optimize the SEO of that website. Appearing in the top search positions will increase traffic and generate more registrations, sales and leads, he said. Guido Mazzei, SEO Director and Co-Founder ofEleven Agency.

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Having a good SEO practice, which promotes the appearance in search engines, requires executing different tactics such as the correct use of keywords, image optimization, use of internal links, innovative content and according to the theme, acquiring backlinks from other websites. relevant and other mechanisms that allow the web page to have a close relationship with the specific search terms sent by the different users on a daily basis.

Next, from Eleven Agency they recommend some aspects to take into account when optimizing the SEO of a website:

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  1. Perform Keyword Research:It is an investigation about what keywords people use when they search for the content, product or service that they intend to optimize, and then include them on the website.
  2. Create valuable content:It is important that it is useful for the users to whom it is directed and that it is associated with the brand identity, always including the previously detected keywords.
  3. Generate quality backlinks:It is the process by which a website links to another site as a source of information. Links from other websites are authority votes that search engines take into account to rank. The more quality links point to the web that you are looking to optimize, the better positioned you will be.
  4. Use internal links:They are links that direct users to other entries on the same website. These links have multiple benefits, such as helping the user stay longer on the site or understand the content more clearly.
  5. Generate a good UX: Today the largest search engines pay special attention to the experience of users on the website. Therefore, it must be accessible, uniform, understandable, clear and simple. A UX design that is empathetic, intuitive and elegant can make it enjoyable to use and thus positively impact positioning.
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Search engine optimization is very important in every industry. You can try to improve it by following these tips or by contacting experts on the subject. The important thing is to start doing it. They concluded from the Eleven Agency.

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