SK Gaming hands KOI the fourth straight loss in the LoL LEC


KOI’s main League of Legends team can’t find their way and start to struggle in the LEC.

Ibai can't take it anymore: SK Gaming gives KOI the fourth straight loss in the LoL LEC
Ibai can’t take it anymore: SK Gaming gives KOI the fourth straight loss in the LoL LEC

the second week of koi on the LEC of League of Legends It has been extremely complicated for the organization of Ibai Llanos, since this afternoon he suffered a new defeat and completed the Superweek with three consecutive fallswhich leaves them in a compromised situation.

koi faced today SK Gaming, who was coming from the complete opposite, having won their last three games after their opening two losses, including wins over the leaders G2 Esports and Team Vitality. And against KOI they showed their good form.

The tents had a good early game in Top and Mid, with two kills for Larsen’s Tristana and advantages throughout the upper sector of the map. However, in the bottom lane the victory of SK Gaming began to take shape, with a bot lane who got three kills in 2v2 and decided the game.

A fight for the fourth dragon (which was the third for KOI), ended up deciding the game against the purple organization, since SK Gaming took an extermination and took out the Baron bonus, with which they completed the snowball who gave them the game.

Highlights KOI vs SK Gaming – LEC Matchday #6 – Spring Split 2023

Astralis’ victory over EXCEL allows KOI to continue a game ahead of the two teams that are eliminated in the first round of the LEC, which will happen next week. The last three KOI matches to advance to the next stage will be against the aforementioned Astralis and the two best teams in the league so far: G2 Esports and Team Vitalityso you will have a hard job ahead of you.

Standings – LEC Spring Split 2023

# Team Record
one G2 Esports 4-1
2 Team Vitality 4-1
3 mad lions 4-2
4 Team BDS 4-2
5 SK Gaming 4-2
6 Team Heretics 23
7 fnatic 23
8 koi 2-4
9 excel 1-5
10 Astralis 1-5

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