Skin.Club returns with Karrigan Reviews

Skin.Clubone of the sites for opening boxes of CS:GO largest in the world, announced a month ago the collaboration with Finn «Karrigan» Andersen, the best IGL of 2022. After the enormous success of the project, the platform has announced the relaunch of Karrigan Reviewsa series of videos in which Finn will take an in-depth look at your demos CS:GO. The lucky ones, whose demos Finn will review, will again be determined at random.

Skin.Club has confirmed that it has received more than 360 demonstrations of CS:GO since the registration period opened. There are over 17,5000 minutes of pure competitive play CS:GO in which more than 10,000 rounds have been played. Once the top two winners (Tsunderay and Iveza) were determined, Finn and his team pored over their demos to offer valuable advice on how to improve on the competitive side of CS:GO. The Dane has highlighted the weak and strong points of each of the winners. Very few people can boast of receiving feedback from one of the best IGL’s of history.

Karrigan can still analyze one of your demos thanks to Skin.Club

Can you imagine receiving advice and tips from a player like Karrigan? Now you too can become a winner! You just need to register at Skin.Clubupload your demo of CS:GO and pray to the gods RNG to be the chosen one. There will be a total of five episodes of Karrigan Reviews. The first of them will be released this Friday, March 10, and the final episode will be published in July of this year. We all know the Danish leadership and analytical skills, something that will surely allow him to be a future coach on the international scene.

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Join Karrigan on Skin.Club take your skill and inventory to the next level: SkinClub Karrigan Reviews.

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